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The following are the other names by which a Hindu temple is referred to in India:For example, in Saurastra tradition of temple building found in western states of India, the feminine form, expressions and emotions are depicted in 32 types of Nataka-stri compared to 16 types described in Silpa Prakasa.[31] Silpa Prakasa provides brief introduction to 12 types of Hindu templesAncient temples in Indonesia are called candiCustoms and etiquette[edit]Hindu temple architecture List of Hindu temples List of largest Hindu Temples List of Hindu deities 36-37Many members of the South Asian diaspora have established Hindu mandirs outside India as a means of preserving and celebrating cultural and spiritual heritage abroadVasudev (2001), Vastu, Motilal Banarsidas, ISBN 81-208-1605-6, ppNas), Brill Academic, ISBN 978-9004098558 ^ Hildred Geertz, The Life of a Balinese Temple, ISBN 978-0824825331, University of Hawaii Press ^ Harley, Gail M7/8, ppLife principles such as the pursuit of joy, sex, connection and emotional pleasure (kama) are fused into mystical, erotic and architectural forms in Hindu temples3911 (1980), ppISBN9788170261629The 64 grid is the most sacred and common Hindu temple template

- Sep., 1958), ppOne difference is the scope and cardinality, where Hindu temple structures deploy this principle in every dimension with garbhgriya as the primary locus, and each pada as well as zones serving as additional centers of lociv t e Place of worship Bah' House of Worship (Baha'is) Chaitya/Buddhist temples/monastery (Buddhists) Church (Christians) Hof (Germanic pagans) Hindu temple/mandir (Hindus) Jain temple/basadi (Jains) Synagogue (Jews) Mosque (Muslims) Shinto shrine/jinja (Shintos) Gurdwara (Sikhs) Taoist temple (Taoists) Magic circle (Neopagans / Wiccans) Fire temple (Zoroastrians) The gopuram (tower) of Natarajar Temple, a typical South Indian temple complex in Chidambaram, Tamil NaduThe town of Vishnupur in West Bengal is renowned for this type of architectureHeritage PublishersAnthropology TodayDescribing the hundreds of mandirs that can be found throughout the United States, scholar Gail MThe 9x9 (81) grid Parama Sayika layout plan (above) found in large ceremonial Hindu TemplesThe symbolism[edit]In Southeast Asia temples known as:Where this is expected, the temples provide an area and help staff to store footwearWon't you help support DayPoems?An illustration of Hindu temple Spires (Shikhara, Vimana) built using concentric circle and rotating-squares principleIt is a link between man, deities, and the Universal Purusa in a sacred space.[14]Destruction and conversion However, for those who have yet to reach this height of realization, various symbolic manifestations through images, idols and icons as well as mental modes of worship are offered as one of the spiritual paths in the Hindu way of lifeThe architecture of Hindu temples is also symbolicStella Kramrisch, Hindu Temple, ISBN 978-8120802223 Goel, S 9796455311
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